Here We Go...

So, appropriately enough, my first set of pictures doesn't involve paint at all. January is going to be a modeling and assembly month for me. I hope to finish the last few ground units for my Marines as well as my Necron Phalanx upgrades.

First off are my Land Raiders. I never liked that access doors were in front of the Twin Lascannons (in fact TSOALR poked fun of this on a couple of occasions). So, while I was cleaning up the model, I moved the guns forward and cut some plasticard doors.

These are my Sniper Scouts. I got the idea of using plasticard rod for silencers from Warmaster Nice of TacComms. I'm going to be using the rest of the Shadow Knights I have for my regular scouts. They're going to take some more conversion work though.

For those of you who haven't realized it, Edenite Heavy Infantry make great Necron Immortal proxies! :P I used the axe/sword from SM/TL Beastmen for bayonets. Eight more stands of these to go.

Finally, my Necron Lord proxy using an Edenite Assault Sergeant. Again I used the Beastmen axe/sword to create the Staff of Light. All six of these stands are done, along with all the regular stands. So that's six activations of Necrons done.

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