War Engine Time

This week was War Engine Week (and some trees). I started painting my Landing Craft. The dry brushes are done, next week I'm hoping to do the black, gunmetal and washing.

The trees are finally flocked and done. Behold them in all their foliaged glory!

My plan is to use them with some bases I made last year, like so. The bases by themselves represent scrub, with the tree bases on them they're forests. I left room on all the bases for the trees, so they fit snugly between the bushes and rocks already on them.

And finally, here's my Warlord I started building. The Volcano Cannon and Gatling blaster are from a FW Reaver, I need to plasticard them up some longer arms. The TLDs I've modified so they aren't firing off into the sky. Once the weapons are glued on all I have to do is putty up some gaps (and paint it :P).

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