The LZ: Take Two

Another late update as I got to do some work Friday night but didn't have any internets over the weekend.

Here's a start on my Storm Boyz. They're SM/TL Madboyz with a Battletech Salamander battlesuit SRM glued onto their backs.

I'm planning to have half of them in the air, hence the brass wire. Here's a closeup of the rockets.

Here's my Big Guns, along with Zzap Oddboy Upgrades. For Lobbas I'm planning on using Griffon mortars and for the Soopa Gun Oddboyz maybe the guns I took off of my Stompas.

Here's a pic of my finished Lander base. It made its debut this weekend and was promptly crited before it got to off load. Unfortunately I didn't read the crit section and so the Artillery company it landed in didn't take any hits from its destruction :P.

And here's my Chaplains. I finished repainting the guys on the bikes too, just forgot to grab them for the picture. Looking at them now I'm thinking they need some skull helmets.

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