Get There Fast and Paint Real Slow

Greetings from the Conch Republic! A small update this week as only some Wartraks and GZG APCs stole away with me on vacation (the latter were on a whim after seeing TacCommer Despot's excellent army of GZG vehicles). I've also been working on cleaning up some Command Horizon infantry but they're not based yet (as that will involve a bit of spackle yet).

First up are my Wartraks. I'm going to be using the Heavy Flamer variants as Scorchas, and the other eight as Wartraks. They'll be based and yellowified this Monday when I get back, hopefully.

And here are some of the GZG APCs I brought down with me. The bases are my cheap alternative to litko bases. They're Evergreen Scale Models 1/4" Sidewalk (easier to score thanks to the pre-scored lines) and some sticky-backed magnetic sheeting I picked up at Michaels for $6.

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