Objectifying Space Marines

I didn't get a whole lot done last week (most of my Monday was spent building a Battle Barge) so I skipped the update. Here's what I managed this week though.

My objectives, nearly finished for NEAT tomorrow. I wanted to use some brass mesh to make camo netting for the ammo store but the Michaels I went to didn't have any. :P As it stands it's kind of plain but it will do for tomorrow. The Damocles radar was built with plastic card (14 pieces I think 8) ). I'm not too happy with the free handing for the radar dish recessions. I'll probably print out a decal for it instead when I do the Land Raider door ones.

Here we have my project from last week. Holy crap this thing took a long time to build. And I still haven't got primer covering everything. I hoping to finish this guy up for the end of July.

I realized I didn't have any librarian characters, so I put together two real quick last night.

Finally, some shots of Command Horizon's human troopers (standing and kneeling). These guys haven't got too much coverage on here so I figured some people might be interested to see how they scale to other models.

They're 6.5-7mm tall from helmet to boot and carry a fairly compact looking rifle. No 6mm lasguns for these guys.

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