An Early Autumn

I got my Silfor grass tufts in this week. These are the early autumn, two tone tufts in 2-4mm. I think they work great for small bushes at this scale. I managed to finish up my other APCs this week and started on the infantry's skin.

Most of my time was spent on this guy. I'm still not sure how I'm going to paint the weapon casings (waffling between blue and black, thoughts?), the weapon's armor plating (blue or yellow) and the head (again blue or yellow). I think I'm going to go back and have the trim metal though, there just seems to be too much blue.

I finished building these guys this week too, they'll be getting some paint once I figure out how to paint the Warlord. :P

And these are the Silfor late autumn tufts I plan on using for my Subjugators. What do you guys think? Is it deserty/dry-landy enough for you guys?

Finally, I also manage to track down the metal mesh I saw awhile ago and made some camo netting with it. What do you guys think?


Commence Orbital Bombardment

The Tech-marines are finally done and the Librarians are based. Getting these done took way too long, given their size. :P

I also finished my Battle Barge this week. This brought me over 8k worth of painted Marines, I'm now at 8300 points total. Only 600 left to go (3 THawks).

I also continued to mess around with my Command Horizon infantry and GZG APCs. I like how they are coming out. I've got some Silfor tufts on the way as well, I think I'm going to try them out on these guys before I use it on the Marines.

And finally, I started painting the Warlord. The metal needs a wash and another highlight, after that it's onto the plates.


Big Ones

I did the panel highlighting this week on the Battle Barge (there definitely were a lot of panels...) and also the first layer of black highlight. Another black highlight, the metal and a wash is pretty much what I have left I think. Unless anyone has any other suggestions.

I forgot my paints for the Tech-Marines so only got to work on the Librarians Monday. I just need to finish up their bases.

Finally, I also converted arms for my Warlord to use the Reaver weapons. What do you guys think?


Fun with Hard Sci-fi

I didn't manage to make it to last week's painting night due to the holiday but I still got a few things done throughout the week.

I finished the dry brushing, black detailing and wash for the Battle Barge. Now begins the touch-up and detail stages.

I also finished my Apothecary and Standard bearer. The Techmarines and Librarians I'm hoping to finish this week finally.

Also, here's the Command Horizon infantry I put together and primed two weeks ago that I never got a chance to take pictures of.

I tried a test scheme for my infantry and APC. It was pretty simple and I'm happy enough with it, what do you guys think? I'm still not impressed with woodland scenics stuff on bases, I think I'm finally going to break down and get some Silfor grass tufts.


Happy Birthday... Ya Douche

I got some work done on the Battle Barge, and assembled and primed seven more stands of the Command Horizon troops. I forget to grab pictures of them though before I came down to CT. I should be able to snap some Monday night though when I get back.

I did get a picture of these guys though, which I just finished up. They're Matt's birthday present (if you read this before you get them Matt just act surprised). I managed to build and paint five tanks in five days, which I believe is sort of a record for me. So anyway, happy birthday Matt from me and Arklite (the supplier of the sixth turret).