What's Your Vector Victor?

Not a whole lot of painting this week, but I got some building done.

These are the Wolf light tanks all built and primed. Not sure why I bothered to take a picture, the "flat" gray primer is rather shiny and shows off none of the detail.

And these are my shiny GZG Jupiter tanks.

And another platoon of CH's infantry.

I finally got my magnetic adapters for my air force, so I spent some time getting my TBolts operational for a game on Wednesday. Once I'm done with the hounds I'll start work on these guys.

Finally, he's my progress on the hounds. I finished up the blue on lefty this week. I started painting the white on the head armor, but wasn't sure how much to paint white. The War Griffon's scheme has the entire head yellow, should I follow suite and do all white leaving none of the gunmetal details?

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