And That's What Friends Are For...

Alright, so finally my secret projects revealed!

Warning: If you like any of the following you may be offended by the proceeding pictures and text. You have been warned.

  • Blood Bowl
  • Squats
  • The New England Patriots

So... this gag gift needs some background I guess. I have this friend named Chris. Chris hates Blood Bowl. In fact, most of our gaming group agrees that Blood Bowl is stupid. With that being the case I decided that a Blood Bowl themed gift would really be in the "spirit" of the season. But, I couldn't just get him a Blood Bowl team. He's already got all these Epic miniatures that would be utterly useless for it. The solution? Epic-scaled Blood Bowl!

Now, my friend Chris, he also hates Squats (see the pattern here?). So, it goes without saying that the two teams for his Epic-scaled Blood Bowl field would have to be Squats. But, what colors to paint them? I was at a loss until Matt (Chris and my mutual friend) mentioned that Chris, being a Patriots fan, hates the NY Jets and the Indianapolis Colts just about as much as he hates Squats and Blood Bowl.

So, of course I painted him a Squat team in the colors of the NY Jets...

And the Indianapolis Colts...

Now granted, I'm a jackass (if you didn't know that already perhaps this post will have enlightened you to this fact) but I'm not so big of a jackass that this "gift of gifts" would be my only present to my buddy. So, begrudgingly, I also painted him up some "Spikey Bikes" in the colors of his Iron Warriors army.

Complete with yellow stripes I might add...

The presentation of the gifts ended up being this past Saturday, and let me say that Chris was speechless... Mere words just could not express his feelings... :P

In other news, I've continued on with my other gag gift for the season: the penguins. Their bellies are done. I'll be painting their tuxes tonight.

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