Watching Paint Dry...

Last year was a bit of a first. I was able to keep a painting blog going on TacComms for the whole year (Watching Paint Dry in case you were interested now added to this blog). I didn't quite get an update per week in, but I was close. On it I pretty much just posted pictures of what was on my workbench and what I was painting at my local store's painting night.

This Blogger site is pretty much meant to be a continuation of that blog. I'll continue posting and whatnot on TacComms, but the intent here is to reach out to a wider audience. I enjoy looking at pictures of painted and work-in-progress miniatures, as I'm sure most people in our hobby do. To that end, why not throw some more in the pot for people to look at?

So here it is, Watching Paint Dry, circa 2011. Canned, labeled and shipped straight to your web-browser courtesy of Blogger and the intertubes. Enjoy! :)

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