Give Us Your Pants!

Thanks to a rather productive day off on Monday I finished the Genestealsers this week. I thought they painted up pretty good.

I also got a chance to try out some other colors with the red, namely the purple for the tongue. I think the pallet is going to have to be expanded for the bigger bugs and this purple is in the running for one of the secondary colors. It's rather pinkish but not "pepto pink".

I also built and primed my CCC squad for MERCS. Trimming the mold lines took awhile, they're pretty well hidden but you can definitely see them in the right light.

I also converted the sniper. I didn't like the t-shaped barrel exhaust doohickey and went with a standard flash suppressor/silencer look.

The same goes for the trucker hat head, that came off too. Thanks to Rob for supplying the spare helmeted head.

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