More 17mm

The MERCS were annoying me after the false start with the basing and weapons so they were in time out for this week. I ended up basing the Land Ironclads instead.

I also worked on the Lictors a bit too. I'll get a chance to paint tonight as well so these guys will probably get based and washed.

Next week I should be able to do the black highlights and try to figure out how I'm going to paint the claws. I think a bone color is going to be added to the palette.


  1. Those LIs look great - did you ever finish painting them?
    I'd love to see!

    Paul (co-author of the Land Ironclads rules)

  2. I didn't, in fact I went back and striped and re-based them on 30mm hexes and double hexes for the biggest three. They've sat on my bookshelf since then. I have a lot of projects like that...

    1. Don't feel guilty - we all do it!
      Don't worry, the bug will come back again one day and there they will be, ready for your love and attention :-)