Team North America

A bit more progress on the CCC this week. The Heavy Assault and Incinerator got their first layer of green highlights this week.

I also picked up the Demo as well, and swapped out the unarmored head (again :P) with Bo.

The Assault Trooper is coming along. The green is done (although looking at the closeups like this I see a few places that need a touch up) as well as the webbing. Just the weapons are left on him.

Same thing with the Sniper. Does anyone have any experience/tutorials on painting modern small arms? I've been looking at pics of real weapons but haven't figured our how to get the mat black yet.

Also, a quick poll. First, what do you think this base is? Second, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you think it looks like what you think it is?

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