Things that Annoy Me...

I found a lot of them this week. Forgetting my paints for painting night at my local store is one of them and that goes hand and hand with the half-hour trek back to the apartment to grab them in commuter traffic (Turds!). Taking pictures that are out of focus and not realizing until you see it up on a monitor is another (Double Turds! Spaulding!).

Taking forever to finish five models is annoying too. Apparently not enough to put down the books I've been reading during the week and remedy the problem though :P. The CCC Demo does not annoy me, he looks pretty cool.

Not being able to match the basing I did on the trial base is another thing that constantly annoys me. This is a time-honored tradition at this point. I can never seem to match the basing I do from one batch to another.

Days off do not annoy me and thankfully next Monday is one of those. Patriots Day? Fine by me MA... I'm planing on doing the weaponry then, so these guys should be all set after that.


  1. The texturing looks good for asphalt. Maybe a little too much on the grey dry brush. I would suggest inking/washing it down a little.

    And some more cracks. Were they painted or actually "cut" into the base?

  2. The cracks form as the crackle paste dries. I've since dumped these in super clean to try again, hopefully the second time's the charm.