Harriot the Harridan

Harriot the Harridan is all done. I ended up hitting her carapace and body with one more highlight before I called it, I think they helped. I also went with yellow for the eyes to make them stand out a little more.

I'll probably mess with the rock on the base a little more (to the point where I can't properly recall what I did to it and thus be unable to recreate the effect) but that'll only take a couple of minutes.

I also went back and painted all my Warriors Bone Swords bone (go figure). It'll definitely help them stick out a little more from the broodlings and give Matt one less thing to complain about.

Actually scratch that, he'll probably complain about the bone being too bright...

Up next is a brief jaunt into the world of terrain and then I think back to the Warmaster Elves.

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