The Pokey Brigade - Good Enough for Government Work

Got time to sneak one last update on these guys in for September. The painting and decals are done, I got them finished up yesterday and then hit them twice with Glosscote and once with Dullcote. They'll be getting based over the coming weeks, as I find time like I did with the archers, but the chariots and bolt throwers will be the main project for October.

These guys are my favorite of the bunch, I think the white star came out the best of all the decals I put together.

The face (in case you were wondering, yes I'll be referring to the brigades by these names in games :P) is tied for second place, it looks all right but it's kind of small.

The crescent came in last. The decals on the shields don't stand out enough for my taste, they're too thin I think.

Finally, the wings were the other second place finisher, beaten out only by the star because it was such a pain to get them centered on the shields.


Polling the Audience

A mid-week update to get some thoughts on the decals. I've only done one stand so far and then touched it up where it cracked along the edges. I see a couple more spots thanks to the macro where I can help mask the fact that its a decal, but what do you guys think? Worth it?


The End is in Sight! Again...

I finished the spear hafts and leather this past week and began the touchup. I'm hoping to finish the painting on these guys over the weekend so I can work on the transfers and the basing the next. The plan is to have them done by next week's photo session, but I'm ready for them to be done now. :P


An Epic Event

Thirteen of us went head to head in some massive battles at Dragonhead Distributors in Fountain Head, PA this past weekend. Both games involved at least two players with 8k per side. My Marines dished out some punishment to Eldar, Demiurg and Black Legion in a slug-fest of Epic proportions.


Green versus Pink: In Quaker Country

Here's a battle report from a game Matt and I snuck in while down in PA for an Epic weekend. Pictures of all that will be forthcoming as well. The Black Legion won this one in points on the fourth turn, 1200 to 825. Matt managed to rally his broken formations despite my formations being an annoyance. He even added insult to injury and took home the "moral win" for having some 300 points tied up in Daemons that he forgot to use. Cue the Walk of Sportsmanship...


(You're an) Epic Tool

The original Epic Tool resides somewhere out on the internets. Since I couldn't find it though I threw together my own. It's an Epic Armageddon reference sheet that's 5cm by 15cm (two common measurements in EA). So enjoy:

In you're the mastermind behind the original tool please drop me a line so I can give you credit for the idea!


Green versus Pink: The Eternal Struggle

Here's a battle report from last nights game. Matt and I were testing some of the new Space Marine point adjustments. The Good-guy Marines won it in the fourth with Blitz, T&H, DTF and possibly TSNP (we didn't see if the Terminators rallied). Chaos was one Hunter shy of BTS.

The End is in Sight!

With the holiday on Monday and the bottom of my driveway being flooded on Thursday I got quite a bit of work done of these guys this week. The red is finished and I've started on the spear hafts as well, putting down their base coat.

I'm hoping to be able to finish the spears next week and start the leather as well. Then there's touch-up, decals, protecting and basing. They definitely took a lot longer than I thought though, I think next month it'll be chariots and bolt throwers. Something a bit easier.

The red was a Machrite Red base coat followed by a Russet Red and two light coats of Blood Red, each covering a smaller area than the last. I also edged the tops of the shields with Burning Orange I believe.


The Pokey Brigade - The Reddening

Still working on the red for these guys. It's going to be "that color" for the spearmen. The shields are the most time consuming, mainly because of all the little nooks and crannies where you have to get the shadow.

I was going to paint the backs of the shields that were visible through the spearmen but after one strip I was getting annoying at how many times I was hitting their elbows that I've already done white. So that put an end to that...

I'm going to see about a design for the decals this weekend. Next Monday is a holiday so hopefully I'll be able to get a bit more done next week.