The Pokey Brigade - Good Enough for Government Work

Got time to sneak one last update on these guys in for September. The painting and decals are done, I got them finished up yesterday and then hit them twice with Glosscote and once with Dullcote. They'll be getting based over the coming weeks, as I find time like I did with the archers, but the chariots and bolt throwers will be the main project for October.

These guys are my favorite of the bunch, I think the white star came out the best of all the decals I put together.

The face (in case you were wondering, yes I'll be referring to the brigades by these names in games :P) is tied for second place, it looks all right but it's kind of small.

The crescent came in last. The decals on the shields don't stand out enough for my taste, they're too thin I think.

Finally, the wings were the other second place finisher, beaten out only by the star because it was such a pain to get them centered on the shields.

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