Space Marine Blitzkrieg

Last nights game playtesting the new Marine point reductions. The seventh and ninth companies of the Subjugators took on the unwashed masses of Imperial Guard. The Marines won in the third turn by grabbing the Blitzkrieg objective and penning up the Imperial Guard on their side of the board.


Candy Cane Elves

I started on the chariots this week rather than try and finish the horses. I got the basecoat for the wood down and did the white and red lacquering on the front of the chariots. With my army colors I had a choice between Candy Cane Elves or Japanese Elves given the design on the front of the chariots, I chose the former. Hopefully I should be able to finish these guys up next week as I'll have a couple extra nights to paint.


Your Dice Provide Suction

A quick game because Matt A's dice weren't behaving for him (we called it at the end of turn 2 for the Marines). Given that he played Necrons I thought a classic TSOALR quote was warranted here. His army looked good though so I'd thought I'd post a batrep. Enjoy!


Ya Mule! YA YA!

I took last week off but unfortunately didn't have too much time to paint (miniatures anyway) most of my time was taken up by projects like this:

My Grandpa wanted his shed's roof stripped an repainted so I went to work, the above pic is after the primer coat on my 1:1 scale shed terrain. My Aunt noted that it would've probably been easier to buy a new shed but I digress...

I did manage to finish the touch-up on the chariot and bolt thrower crew though, again I'm noticing some things I missed though thanks to the macro. I'm hoping to print out some banners for the bolt throwers this week along with shield designs for my Silver Helms to finish them up.

I started on the horses too, using some dry brushes. I'm planning on stippling some gray on the white ones, not sure what I'm going to do with the duns yet. The bays are one step ahead of the rest though and I think they came out alright based on my source pictures.


Ben-Hur'n It

I started on the chariot and bolt thrower crew this week. Two dozen guys painted up pretty quick in comparison to the Spearmen... You'll note that the cloth tied to the spears is red. It was originally white until Matt poo-pooed that.

I've got one more highlight to go on the skin and leather, then the hair and touchup. These guys ought to be finished up next week so I can start the equipment or horses, haven't decided which yet.

I've got to come up with some banners for the Bolt Throwers though, and while I'm at it designs for the cavalry as well.