Command Time

No painting this week, Monday was taken up by conversion and putty work. I finished the conversions I wanted to do on my Silverhelm Command. A gold star to the first person who can spot them all!

I converted up a General as well. I was originally going to go with a the Tyrion model from the SoC character pack but was pretty underwhelmed with the model once I got my hands on it. The sculpting definitely isn't on the same level as the original WM elves. I ended up putting the top of a Griffon Riders helm on one of the character pack Silverhelms. I'm going to try resculpting the eye detail over the weekend, we'll see how that goes. I think it's pretty close to the Warhammer Tryion model, just with more barding. And in 10mm...

Finally, a quick conversion I did last night to see if it'll actually work before I do a trade for the parts. I put an Ork SM2 Battlewagon turret barrel on an SM/TL Chaos Havoc. Works for me.

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