I Need a Hero!

I painted this guy up last night in between applying coats of Micro Sol to the Silverhelm decals. Yes his eyes are painted, but they were real hard to get.

I went with a simple rune for my command. One of the meanings of this one is Lordship so I guess that works for a commander.

The red, hair and leather are all done on the Silverhelms and the decals are applied. I went with two white roses for one of them (nothing better then watching some flower toting elves beat up on some Orcs/Dwarves/Dogs of War) and a falcon for the other. I was originally going to go with a sword but on a 3x5mm shield all you could see was a line of white.

Next week I have to finish the shields, touch them up and base them. It'll be tight but they should be done by HAVOC on Friday night.

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