Reaving the Elvish Way

I picked up where I left off with the Reavers a month or so back. I managed to get the base coats down for the horse flesh and tack. I should be able to get a wash and highlights on them this weekend. After that I'll move on to the flesh, red and white.

HAVOC was this past weekend and I picked up some of the Army Painter flock. I like it because it's not the ultra-fine foam/sawfust powder. Here's my first trial with it. Thoughts? I'm still planning on putting the tufts on as well, but I think it's going to be a lot easier to put this stuff down first.

Also, I was digging through some old models and found my dragons from the 6mm Dragon Lords line. Aside for the wings (too dinky) I thought the Purple Dragon would make an excellent Giant Eagle mount proxy. I've since named him Eagon the Dragle and managed to get a High Elf character off of a horse and on him, complete with headswap. I'm picking up some wings that I think will work for him tonight.

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