Rolling rolling rolling...

I finished basing my last four spearmen units this week along with the Silverhelms as well. Just in time for HAVOC!

Pokey Brigade Numeral Dos is ready to poke some enemies in the eye.

There was a slight blunder with the Silverhelm's decals. I applied them in such a way that each unit would be made up of identical strips. After a facepalm/panic attack I was relieved to have found the extras I printed. All and all it amounted to little more than annoyance.

The pennants came out alright. I got pretty close to the edges with some of the designs but given that they're supposed to be cloth in the wind I guess it's alright that the designs aren't perfect.

Finally, a close up of the Brigade of White Roses. Ain't nothing more emasculating than getting trod into the dirt by a bunch of flower toting elves.

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