Ranging Short and Wide - Part II

I got the metal basecoated and washed this week, next week I'll be highlighting it and putting down the basecoat for the cloth and maybe the leather/wood.

Question for people, under what I'm taking to be the breast plate there's a small raised line. What do people think it is, part of the armor or a belt?


Ranging Short and Wide

I started in on the Dwarf Rangers this week. I got basecoats for their flesh and hair done, as well as a wash on both of those. These guys are pretty much all beard so that's a bit more painting than it sounds like.

Before I highlight these I think I'm going to work on the armor and clothing first, as the beards are higher up. Doing it the other way around will just make for more touch-up work.


Dwarves at the Starting Line

The Dwarves are now all primed up and ready for some paint (I'm leaning towards a light grey and blue scheme). I'll either be embarking down that road next or painting up the MoW Empire fleet. Not sure which as of yet.

As with my Elf command strips I did a little bit of conversion on the banners. A friend at my FLGS gave me some Warhammer Dwarf shield icons and I turned them into banner tops.


Specialist Games Day

We ran a Specialist Games Day at the Whiz this past weekend. There were Epic, Warmaster, Bloodbowl, Spacehulk and Trafalgar games all over the place.