A bridge too far...

But is was only one bridge! This was a special scenario that Matt and I cooked up. Full details are up on TacComm. I took the defenders (4k of Guard) and Matt took 5k of Lamenters using his home grown list for them. It was a very close game right up until it wasn't in turn 4.


Return of Onachus

Well, at least for the time being. The Empire Fleet is all painted and based, I'm just trying to work up the motivation to put the pennants I printed on them before I take the final picture. In the meantime, I'm working on some Tyranids for EpiComp.

My idea was to paint one of each of the bigger bugs, as a test for all the others. I started with the Biovore, Carnifex and Zoanthrope. After these I got one each of the four slug bugs.

I'm pretty happy with how the red and black came out. I think I'm going to revisit the Trygons to update them to this scheme and perhaps the smaller stuff I have painted.

I found the orange flock at the Time Machine the other weekend, I think it works pretty good for them. Very alien at least.

I have plans for a Necromunda gang for Adepticon, and possible a Wreck Age crew. Hopefully after they're done I'll be able to return to the bugs and get a bit more of my army done.

I also have some islands for Man O' War that might see paint before HAVOC this coming March.