Game We Joyous, All Together

A threesome of battle reports from over the holidays for you viewing pleasure. First up are a few shots from a Warmaster game I played with Ed. The Undead had a tough time and got caught in the flank by my cav charge. I dubbed the game the Nightmare before Christmas.

Coach's basement has been a long running joke in our group, not because it's basement (it's actually pretty nice), but because he may have cornered a contractor or two in it when he felt it necessary... I took his Night Lords (Black Legion) and he took his Space Wolves out for a spin. It was a very close game, going to points at the end of the fourth turn. The Black Legion won it.

Finally, I took my bugs out against Chris's Iron Warriors (Black Legion again). This game was over pretty quick, Chaos lost two strategy rolls and made very few armor saves. The bugs won it at the end of the third turn with Take & Hold and Defend the Flag.


  1. Like the slide show. The names in the Warmaster game are a hoot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks guys, glad you liked them.