What are our words?

So I came across a can of flexible rubber coating while in Home Depot last weekend. It's different from those that I seen before in that it's white, and it's not meant to be peeled off. I used to get my mats from theterrainguy.com, but he's since closed up shop and even before that he stopped making a snow mat before I could pick one up. Given that, I decided to try and use this stuff out to make my own. Here's the result:

I pretty much spray a piece of vinyl with it, let it dry, sprayed it again, sprinkled some tan flock on there, covered it with snow flock, and placed a book over it while it dried.

I think it came out alright. There's some warping, so it's currently sitting under a book to see if it will flatten out. I'm also going to try and hit it with a coat or two of dullcote. The tan flocking stuck alright (I brushed a lot off) but the snow flocking stuck very well I think.

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  1. That's a good idea and it looks good to me. If the warping will come out of the edges, you've got yourself a perfect method.