The D is Silent

Been slacking on the updates. The second Heirodule's done, I'm working on the 'phant now. In other news, I started painting this guy for YakTribes Hireling Comp. It's an old Space Wolf Scout Sergeant that I'm calling a Ratskin Bounty Hunter. The Aquilla has been filed off and the Bolt Pistol replaced with a newer version complete with Red Dot Laser Sight.

I've still got to convert up his last two weapons, a Bolter and Shotgun. I'm thinking of making it an under/over combi-weapon deal and "mag-clamping" it to the side of his backpack that I haven't glued on yet. I'm also trying out a wooden handle while I paint him, so far it's been pretty handy. I finished up his eyes and skin tonight. The hair will hopefully be tomorrow.

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