Yellow-fication Continues

Still working on the yellow, I've managed all the Paladins and the Castellans at this point.

I also took a Seneschal a few steps further. Aside from touch-up and highlights on the metal this guy is pretty much done. Any thoughts or suggestions? The yellow turned out a little greener that I was hoping for, I was aiming for a warmer tone like the pictures of House Lakar in Codex Titanicus. It was the first time I painted yellow and also the first time I used pure white as a highlight.

The fleur de lis is a decal from Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop. Annoyingly, you have to cut them each out which is pretty difficult as they're tiny, hard to see and extremely close together. I had some checker decals too but make those work was going to that much more difficult given the angels and curves so I ended up free handing them.


  1. Excellent brushwork on these. The palette you chose is perfect.

  2. Yellow is a total bear. I don't see the green hue in it.

    The only thing I could recommend is on the checkers. Lay down white. Then use a mechanical pencil to draw the squares. Then fill in the black, using it thinned down to almost an ink. Or use a sharpie.


  3. Looking great! Difficult colours to work with but nicely done!

  4. Thanks guys. I got a fine tipped pen for the checkers, but getting it where it needs to be with the bent legs and ruins is a no go. I ended up doing white and then black, and then white and then black, etc...

  5. Painting yellow isn't hard. Painting yellow over silver is hard.