Looking for a Place Called Lee Ho Fook's

It's been pretty quiet in the update department here. I've been painting a bunch, but just haven't gotten around to taking pictures lately. Here's a slew of pics of the wolves that I took this past Sunday. They're nearing completion, I need to finish up the leather, do the metal, claws and basing and they should be set to go. Hoping to finish them up before CaptainCon so I can put a few colors on the Vampires at least.


Mechanicon 2015 Epic Armageddon Tournament

Some shots from this past weekend. They're mostly from my games but I did manage to snap some shots of the other games as well as some army shots at the end. Enjoy!


New England Warmaster Tournament (NEWT I)

Some pics from the other weekend. We had a few cancellations that last week and only ended up with 5 people. Much 10mm death was dished out, roast beef eaten and road travelled looking for a restaurant that would host us for dinner. Enjoy!


Mitsurugi Yell Goes Here

I got a good deal on some Bushido miniatures earlier this summer and on a lark this past week I started to paint up Chiyo of the Ito Clan for Bushido. Lots of fine detail on her, I'll try to get some better lighting on the face as I spent a good amount of time on it. I still might go back and add some highlights to the hair (I have no idea how to paint black hair). Any suggestions on the basing?

I also started in on my wolves this week, with their eyes and bases.


Keep Arikania Beautiful

I finished up Iron Eyes this week. My biggest complaint with this model was the lack of detail on the face. Her features were very soft/undefined. I'd be interested to see if there was a resin version and how it compares. Anyway, I think I going to make a slight detour into 10mm in preparation for next Saturday's Warmaster tourney, but after that on to the wolves.


Lord of the Scottish Hibachi Chefs

I finished up Lord Hob this morning. I tried out some blood and gore using Tamiya X-27 Clear Red, a black and dark brown. I stippled the mixture onto the mace as it was starting to become tacky.

Iron Eyes is next, then the wolves.


Scottish Hibachi Chefs - Reboot

I finished these guys up last week but forgot to take a picture at my desk (so the lighting isn't great).

So this is squad two, and Lord Hob is nearly done now as well (just needs grass and maybe some gore on his mace). I'm hoping to get to that this weekend and start back up on Iron Eyes before moving on to the Skorza.


Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunderbolts!

I finished these up last week in preparation for NEAT. I forgot how quick 6mm tanks and the like paint up, these took 2-3 hours each. I have some Marauders that are close to done as well, I held off though as I wanted to put some lascannons on them.


NEAT8 - The Ocho

We had our eighth annual Northeast Epic Armageddon Tournament (NEAT) this past Saturday. We had 17 people show up (lost 4 the last week :() for a three round tourney on Saturday. We also snuck in a couple games on Friday night and Sunday too. Enjoy!


Scottish Hibachi Chefs - End Game

I never got around to taking shots of these before the tourney this past weekend. Anyway, here they are: my first squad of Ravenscar. I started in on the eyes and skin of the second squad, but I'm heading back to 6mm land to finish some Thunderbolts for NEAT8. Pics next week, most likey.


Scottish Hibachi Chefs - The Quickening

Sorry about the color. I had the camera on the wrong white balance. Work continues anyway.

I took this guy a few steps ahead of everyone just to figure out my colors. I need to finish his leathers, cloak and metals.

The rest are playing catchup, they still need their darker cloth and leather armor.

This week I pretty much finished up the lighter cloth, blue kilt/armor thing and black leather boots, gloves and pants.

The sergeant's jumpsuit got it's base coat too.


Scottish Hibachi Chefs

I meant to post these last week but ended up leaving the memory card at home. The Scourge Hound alternate is done, I finished up the last of the putty work on her hood. Once the Shield Breaker alternate is done they'll both get the primer.

I also finished up the flesh on a quad of Ravenscar. I also managed to finish up the hair and started on the socks since these pics.

This week I'll finish up the socks and move on to the black leather parts (boots, gloves and pants).

I'm hoping to finish these guys up for the CMoN Wrath of Kings painting competition that finishes up this month.

I've played three games of Wrath of Kings now. I like it. It's quick and bloody (if you're within charge range of the enemy, something's going to die) with a decent amount of special rules. The biggest part of the games is the motivation (scenario goal) you choose. If you work towards achieving that you're in good shape.



Forgot I had these! Here's some shot's from some games around this years HAVOC.


House Lakar

I finished painting and flocking the last of the Knights over the past couple of weeks. I still might head back and put some Woodland Scenics course flock on the bases for bushes. Everytime I use that stuff though I'm never impressed with the results though. Anyway, here's all my Knights for a 3k game. I gotta get to my aircraft at somepoint, and head back and finish up another dozen knights at some point too.

The first time I used the old Citadel modeling flock it bled on me when I put my usual thin layer of watered down glue over it. Thankfully the models had already been sealed so I just soaked their bases in warm water until it came loose and I could brush it off. This second time I used thicker glue and didn't bother with the second watered down layer over it.