Adepticon 2015

Here are some shots from games this past Adepticon.

This year's Epic tournament. We had two drop out, unfortunately, and were even (unfortunately for me). My knights did get in one game though when Eric sat out so I could play. We had a Space Marine, Imperial Guard, Ork, Eldar, Speed Freek and Imperial Fist army. Between six people I also think we had over $400 in prize support. :P A big thank you to Dark Realm Miniatures, Microworld Games, Onslaught Miniatures and Steel Crown Games!

Three games of Warmaster this year. My elves took on Chaos, Dark Elves and Orcs.

A huge game of Space Hulk played on a Creative Gamescape setup. Four marine players had to find an Inquisitor and get him off planet in twenty turns. Probably the closest game I ever played (see the last couple of captions) which made for a very cinematic game.

This was a 4v4 shoot 'em up. Cavalry, marshals, temperance league and mountain men vs banditos, outlaws, indians and another outlaw. I managed to get my outlaw buddy out of jail, but then we were all shot to pieces. FYI, don't listen to a TO is he says you can place the dynamite and then run away. You only get to do the first part...

This year's Necromunda tournament. There were three Orlocks, two Cawdor and an Escher gang in the morning session. Of the players I knew two and played three before. For my four games I played all three of them... It was good fun though, but no epic moments I remember.

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