King Me!

I did a lot of checkers this week... A lot. Beyond that, nothing much. I've got a few my knight nights before Adepticon though so I think I'll be good. I'm hoping to work on the metal today and do touch-up and bases next week.

I don't think I'll get to the full basing I intended. I'll likely just start with the flock and save the other stuff for later.

Aircraft and objectives are also a big maybe too. At this point I'm betting it would be one or the other. Likely the aircraft if I had to guess.

I also picked up the Wrath of Kings Kickstarter, these have been what I've been cleaning up at lunch. Nice models. I was a little leery of the PVC but the detail is decent enough I think, I did sharpen the weapons quite a bit though. There's some gaps I'll need to putty, but I'm going to try and get everything glued together first.

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  1. Checkering is a bitch. Good job. They look clean and straight, 5x5.