All Your Based Are Filled in Resin

I got tired of waiting for the bases I ordered to come in, so I canceled that order and decided to work with those that came with the minis.

To add some weight to them I added washers and then filled with up with resin. Overall it was pretty quick and lends a lot of balance to the figs as they're now so bottom heavy.

My plans to add some rocks to a few of them as well using a Woodland Scenics rubber rock mold and the resin. That's why some are still unsanded.

I also finished up puttying the Raverscar, Iron Eyes, Lord Hob and a pack of skirmishers. I also did a bit of the work on my Scourge Hound alternate, she got her arms, weapons and head puttied. I still need to finish the back of the hood and the armor plate areas.

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