Scottish Hibachi Chefs

I meant to post these last week but ended up leaving the memory card at home. The Scourge Hound alternate is done, I finished up the last of the putty work on her hood. Once the Shield Breaker alternate is done they'll both get the primer.

I also finished up the flesh on a quad of Ravenscar. I also managed to finish up the hair and started on the socks since these pics.

This week I'll finish up the socks and move on to the black leather parts (boots, gloves and pants).

I'm hoping to finish these guys up for the CMoN Wrath of Kings painting competition that finishes up this month.

I've played three games of Wrath of Kings now. I like it. It's quick and bloody (if you're within charge range of the enemy, something's going to die) with a decent amount of special rules. The biggest part of the games is the motivation (scenario goal) you choose. If you work towards achieving that you're in good shape.

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