The Flouncy Shirt Brigade

Taking a break from Wrath of Kings for the month to participate in the May 2016 Tale of Warmaster Painters. I was planning on doing a Warmaster army last year before WoK came out and I subsequently started painting an army for it. The plan was Ogres, but for the Tale I thought painting up some of my Warmonger Miniatures for the store would be a better use of the time.

I committed to painting a unit of Landsknechte Zweihänder and Pikeniere (Great Swords and Pikemen). These will be red and yellow quartered. I finished up the skin and armor this week and moved on to the yellow. These guys got a wash too, I have yet to do that with the Pikemen. I think I'll base and wash the red first too before moving on to the main color and highlights.


  1. Good stuff, they really are beautiful sculpts.

  2. Thanks Ben. Bob did a great job with them.