Like Sparticus, Just with Less Dong

I picked up an Arena Rex starter at CaptainCon this past weekend, along with two gladiators. One was Lupa, the Kickstarter limited edition figure. Apparently the game's company is having a painting competition at Adepticon, so I thought I'd try my hand at painting her. The figure's pretty nicely cast, I only had to do some light line filing and puttying to get her ready for paint.

I was going to use the original base (along with a washer underneath for weight) put went with a 30mm Renedra one instead. The flatter bases don't break the game's immersion as much for me.

The flesh is pretty much done I think, I might touch up a few things now thanks to the macro-shots but I'm pretty happy with it overall. The hair was a happy accident. I got some flesh wash on the white primed hair and thought it looked a lot like red hair. So I did the whole thing ad I'm not disappointed. I'll highlight it next and then start in on the leathers.

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