High All the Lights

OK, take two on the highlights. I went back and re-edged the black with Eshin Grey followed by Fenrisian Grey, and widened the orange highlight of Firedragon Bright while completely edging with Lugganath Orange. Worse? Better? About the same? I think I'm going to try one more level of extreme highlight on each, just to see how it looks.

The other two Scorpions got their undersides finished up and are now glued to their bases (1/8" eyelets are great for this if anyone is curious). I also did the first highlight of the black on them. I'm going to be keeping the turrets separate from now on as it makes painting things a lot easier.

I never snapped pics of my Wrath of Kings Zeti I finished up a month back. The only thing I might change are the leaves on a few of the headdresses. Right now their gold, I might try a few of them as green.

1 comment:

  1. The highlight works. The weapon color truly makes them pop.