Spinning Nothing

The Storm Serpents got their final two orange highlights last week along with some base touch up. They're now in the gloss and decal queue along with the Scorpions and Cobras.

The Void Spinners got their undersides take care of last night, I then glued them to their bases and started the black. I broke the turrets off to take care of their undersides, I need to clean up the mounting holes before I can glue them back on though. I wasn't a fan of the casting quality on the Night Spinner Arrays, so I'm coming up with a better option. That might take some time to resolve though. The good news is I think I can paint them separately and just glue them in later without too much fuss.


  1. What's your time table on this project looking like?

    When I get back in Sept, do you want the bare Eldar I got kicking about? I bought an Eldar army before AdeptiCon.

  2. Heh, I've got a LONG road ahead for this list. I'll take a look, I'm mostly just after SM/TL or EA War Walkers at this point.

    Are you still planning on doing a gaming weekend?

  3. Good luck. I tend to paint the boring stuff first. When the desire burns out, I switch to the more interesting minis. Like now, I am balls deep in 20mm Navy dudes.

    I have to finish my quest to get residency here. I think the last interview is tomorrow at 8am. My guy says the government will issue me permanent residency. No temporary bullshit. I guess I will be issued a national ID. No body here follows exactly what is written in the books. 50% of the time they just make shit up. I am 100% sure they never read the policy or know where the book governing their job is located.

    Once done.....either way after tomorrow I will work on establishing a venue.