Sci-fi Elf Spirit Zombies

I finished up the Farseer characters this week and started in on the Wraithguard. I'm hoping to bring a mostly painted Iyanden army to Fall In in November.

These progressed slightly faster than I would have thought. The guns and bases are all done, I'm hoping to take care of the black helms and the gems on them next week. The orange might take longer given the amount of cleanup I'll have to do from the drybrush.


  1. That sucks! I hate when the basing process porks my dudes. There is nothing worst than rework. I cry for you.

    get some practice. my Tau are guna smash ya

  2. It's not too bad. I was either going to base first and paint the orange by hand or spray the orange, drybrush and cleanup. I still think I saved time with the later.

    Your Tau don't scare my space elf spirit zombies.