Get Your Anti-Gravitic Motor Running

I've been working on the Jetbikes for the last two weeks. Just the orange highlights are left at this point as well as the decals.

I didn't have these ready for Fall In!, but they're going to be getting some paint early next year I think, six custom Night Spinner turrets. I used most of the Forgeworld turret, just replacing the cockpit glass with some from fan-made proxies.

These didn't make it down to Fall In! either but I'm hoping to finish them before the end of the year and EpiComp. They're my Wild Riders, I decided to paint them up in Sunblitz Brotherhood colors.


Pics from Fall In! 2018

I ran a Warmaster Revolution tournament this past Friday down at Fall In!, and played in an Epic Armageddon tournament on Saturday. Great games and great armies. Enjoy the pics!

Fall In! 2018 Warmaster Tournament

Fall In! 2018 Epic Armageddon Tournament


More Bikes!

I finished the orange highlights this week on the Vypers and tidied up the base edges as well. They'll get some seal coats this weekend and maybe some grass tufts along with the Falcon hulls.

I started on the Jetbikes yesterday too, just to get some paint on them for Fall In.


Mr. Farseer's Wild Ride

I finished converting my Jetbike Farseer this week. I removed the Guardian's torso and right arm, and got the Farseer's torso in there as a replacement. I then puttied the robes around what was left of the body and used a staple as the base for the right arm. On that went the Farseer's right hand and spear, and I used a staple again as the haft of the spear.

I only got one night of painting in this week, so the Vypers only got their gems done and their first coat of orange.

I did take one Vyper to completion just to see what it looked like highlighted. The only thing I went back and changed was to add some black in the engine exhaust areas.


Here to Vipe the Vindows

I finished the painting on the Falcon hulls this week, and got them all gloss and dull coted up. Once I get a few more things done I'll do the grass tufts all in one go. I need to finish up making the turrets for these so they look presentable for Fall In!

I also started on my Wild Rider conversion. Thoughts? He'll also be getting stabilizing fins and a back pennant. I used the head and sword of a Harlequin, filed off the mask and put on a Chaos Cultist's face on over it.

This is my Jetbike Autarch/Wild Rider Chief conversion. She'll have the same fins and pennants as well. I used a Banshee head and right arm, and made the axe head out of a Farseer's Singing Spear. Both of these will be getting some putty.

Finally, it was really nice to speed through some units after slogging through the 18 Falcons hulls for so long. I finished the black and weapons on my Vypers this week, as well as the decals. I hope to finish them the gems and orange next week.


Are We Done with Orange Yet?

Nearly done with the orange, I just need to give the back row the last two highlights. After that it's rocks, base edges, gloss coat, decals, dullcote and grass. That should be doable over the weekend or early next week.

I'm still working on the turrets for these. While I finish getting those ready for paint I'll likely see about Jetbikes or Vypers.


The Navel Brigade

I haven't updated in awhile as I've been renovating our downstairs bathroom. As that's been wrapping up I've been getting some more time to paint 6mm stuff again. I've completed the cockpit glass, weapons and engines on the Falcon hulls. Now comes the long slog through the orange.

One hull got the first highlight. I edge highlight most of the tank, then go back and to the outside/higher edges with a lighter orange. After that I do the sharper corners lighter and finally put a dot of my lightest color right at the corner.


Thirteen Months in the Making

The last time the Void Spinners saw paint was July of last year, and I've finally got arround to making and painting the barrels for them. I wasn't a fan of the lack of detail on the Specialist Games versions so I useds some Forge World Night Spinner barrels instead. Thanks to the close-up there's some cleanup I have to do on a few of them still, but I hope to finish them up with the Shuriken Catapults on the Falcon hulls.

Speaking of, I finished the black and started on the blue weapons. Those should finish up next week, then it's on to the engines and cockpit glass. Then a whole lot of orange...


Invisible Hover Bikes

I finished the second highlight on the black this week but didn't get much more painting in beyond that. I'd like to finish the black next week and start on the Shuriken Catapults. While I'm painting them I'm also going to paint my newly converted Void Spinner barrels and finally get those finished up.

I'm hoping that the Vypers will get the fan treatment at somepoint, until that happens though I'll need a stand in. I cleaned, primed and basecoated these guys this week as well.

Finally, a gold star to the person who figures out what these are for. :P


The Long War

Painting black always seems to take the longest, right up until I start painting orange... Anyway, first black highlight is done and the second has been started (outside edges and air intakes). Once I finish that I just have the corner and point highlights for it.



I did the black on a dozen more tank hulls, and started on most of the first highlight on all 18. These are going to be my Falcons, Fire Prisms and Night Spinners. I'm converting turrets for all of them, and looking to magnetize the Falcons and Fire Prisms.

The end goal here is a Saim-Hann army for Fall In!, it's a lot of painting and converting though so we'll see how I do.


Epic Squats

I haven't been painting much recently, but I've been doing a bit of building and re-basing of my Squats. I'd like to get these all primed, with their bases done and they're nearly there. There's also a few more things (Land Train, Steel Hawks, War Hawks, Mole Mortars) that still need to be built, and I need to source 3 more Hearthguard models (that's the one empty base).

When the Mole Mortars are done my infantry will almost completely fill this tray except for a small .125"x.5" area. For some reason that's tremendously satisfying.


Northeast Epic Armageddon Tournament: Up to Eleven

Here's some pics from the games we had this past weekend. We ended up with 18 people after two dropped the day of. Some pick-up games were played Friday (including a couple Warmaster games), three tournament rounds were had on Saturday, and then six of us hung around for a few more games on Sunday. Anyway, enjoy the pics!



Steeling the Spotlight

Things have been quiet as I've been working on a Shadespire warband for a FLGS. They're almost done, I'll hopefully have pics next week. I've also been working on re-basing and finishing up some odds and ends for my Squats. This guy is one of those, a Steel Hawk from the article in Citadel Journal 14.

I'm still thinking on the War Hawk and Land Train cars also in the article. Any thoughts for a Squat looking Void Shield generator?


All the Base Colors of the Rainbow

I finished the orange bases last night and got the Orlocks on them. I took some shots of the bases on the cardboard terrain that inspired them. Not dead-on matches but they're close enough. Next up are the touch-ups and finsihing the Juves, Heavy and Leader.


Bright Orange Camouflage

The Rangers have been done for awhile, I needed to buy some Dullcote though before I could put the grass tufts on. Finally got around to that so here they are.

Not sure what's next, I'm been re-basing and touching up of my Orlocks, a Man O'War Orc fleet, re-basing and basecoating Squats, or painting some Robots for half-scale TiRoBEx on my workbench right now.


Shiny New Bases

I've been meaning to return to the Orlocks to re-do their bases and finish the Heavy Bolter and Juves for more than a couple of years now. I started on the bases last week. They're the new Underhive bases, painted in colors to match the old cardboard terrain. I've got another six that I plan to match to a piece out of Outlanders. Looking at the figures now, I also think I'm going to go back and re-highlight most of them. I thought these were good four years ago, I can definitely do better now.