Mr. Farseer's Wild Ride

I finished converting my Jetbike Farseer this week. I removed the Guardian's torso and right arm, and got the Farseer's torso in there as a replacement. I then puttied the robes around what was left of the body and used a staple as the base for the right arm. On that went the Farseer's right hand and spear, and I used a staple again as the haft of the spear.

I only got one night of painting in this week, so the Vypers only got their gems done and their first coat of orange.

I did take one Vyper to completion just to see what it looked like highlighted. The only thing I went back and changed was to add some black in the engine exhaust areas.


Here to Vipe the Vindows

I finished the painting on the Falcon hulls this week, and got them all gloss and dull coted up. Once I get a few more things done I'll do the grass tufts all in one go. I need to finish up making the turrets for these so they look presentable for Fall In!

I also started on my Wild Rider conversion. Thoughts? He'll also be getting stabilizing fins and a back pennant. I used the head and sword of a Harlequin, filed off the mask and put on a Chaos Cultist's face on over it.

This is my Jetbike Autarch/Wild Rider Chief conversion. She'll have the same fins and pennants as well. I used a Banshee head and right arm, and made the axe head out of a Farseer's Singing Spear. Both of these will be getting some putty.

Finally, it was really nice to speed through some units after slogging through the 18 Falcons hulls for so long. I finished the black and weapons on my Vypers this week, as well as the decals. I hope to finish them the gems and orange next week.


Are We Done with Orange Yet?

Nearly done with the orange, I just need to give the back row the last two highlights. After that it's rocks, base edges, gloss coat, decals, dullcote and grass. That should be doable over the weekend or early next week.

I'm still working on the turrets for these. While I finish getting those ready for paint I'll likely see about Jetbikes or Vypers.