Swabbing the Poop Deck

Some odd ball stuff this week. First up are some Warmaster Dwarf Hammerers.

They'll be serving as Warriors (perhaps to denote a magic item) and or body guards of the thane.

And next, a return to the Man O' War Empire fleet that I started a year ago. I've finally got all the ships and bases to the point where I can paint them all at the same time (important as I regularly paint things at different times that are slightly different from one another).

These Ironfist conversions were the biggest hold up (specifically, not being motivated to make them). I took the mortar end from the regular Ironfist, cut it off, and glued it on to the oar end of a metal Wargalley. It bothered me that the Ironfist had the same stats as the Wargalley but looked so different/didn't have oars.

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  1. That is a lot of detail for such small ships and good on for picking the project back up after a year.