And now for something completely different...

Reaper Bones! I saw some of these going for $25-30 painted on eBay and thought that I could probably match their standard in a couple of hours per fig. So here are the results! These took me around two hours each, the plan is to sell them on eBay and (if they make me some money) see if I want to do more. I'm hoping I can cover my investment in the Kickstarter by painting 6 figs.

Quality-wise, they're pretty good. The plastic is super soft, and did bend a bit while waiting in the car on these New England summer days. They do bend back though, and the boiling water to icy water trick does a good job of getting things where they need to be.

I highly recommend scrubbing these in some grease destroying soapy water, and definitely priming them. The places where the primer wore off practically repelled the paint.

There was some flash on them, and it can be tricky to get off. You can't file it, and even cutting it is tough because the plastic is so soft. You'll need patience and a very sharp knife. If I do some more, I'm going to try freezing them before I clean them up to see if that makes it easier to get the mold lines off.

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