Orlocks, Come Out to Play...

I finished up the rest of the skin tones this week. I went back and cleaned up the white guys a bit as I wasn't happy with some of the transitions between my shading and highlights. I must have improved them somewhat as now Picasa is identifying their faces and asking me to name them. :P

This is what I managed to do with the overly red skinned guys. I eventually got them up to a tanned skin approximating a Pacific Islander. I think it's a little too red to be Latin American though. I'm not sure if I'm going to do another highlight or two on these guys.

Finally, I think some of the black guys need a bit of cleanup. The heavy and the leader came out best I think.

Next week will likely be a bit a cleanup before I start in on the lips and hair. I also want to try painting some stubble, I doubt Orlocks would be clean shaven all the time.

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