Adepticon Slideshow Spectacular!

Some shots from a few of my Adepticon events this year. First up is the Legends of the Old West: Battle at the Little Bighorn event. All the terrain and figs were provided. I took control of Captain Benteen and a few of us his men. We actually managed to get to General Custer (or Custard as a few of the players were calling him) and it looked like he was going to actually make it. We had to call it due to time however.

Next up is the Necromunda by Night games. My Orlocks managed to win it all, despite loosing two of their own throughout the games.

On Friday we had Warmaster. I faced off against Matt's newly painted Chaos, Chad's Orcs who were lead by Warboss Hal (who we dragged to the games), and Eric's Chaos. My Cav reinforcements decided to not show up on the first game which made it a draw despite the Elves breaking Matt's Chaos. The second game saw two brigades of infantry on a hill surrounded by an ocean of Orcs. They managed to hold out until the rest of the army got there. The final game saw some poor command rolls for Chaos and good ones for the Elves. The Silverhelms and Chariots mopped up a good portion of the army thanks to a charge in the flank.

Hal, Eric, Jordan and I played some Epic pickup games Saturday night on the Flames of War boards that weren't in use and Sunday was the Epic Armageddon challenge. Unfortunately one guy dropped out so we were odd for the day, but we got a tremendous amount of prize support from Onslaught Miniatures and Microworld Games so everyone went home happy.


  1. Those Orlocks look awful familiar! Great in-game shots, hope you enjoyed the tournament!