Ready to Play

I finished up the Orlocks I played with at Adepticon this past week. My Juves, Heavy Bolter and second leader will be benched until I circle back around again. I'm pretty happy with how these came out. At somepoint I might try to paint some road lines on the bases, we'll see how that goes.

I tried my hand at weathering (?) the end of the flamer as per an old Citadel painting book. Not sure on it yet.

There was no detail on the rope tied to the top of the pack, so I had to freehand the highlights. I think it works out pretty week for you're everyday, run-of-the-mill rope.

The rest of the gangers are below. Only two of them are new from last week but I forgot which ones they were when I was taking the pictures. :P

Finally, here's a shot of what's left to paint. The leader's nearly there but the Heavy's going to need some work and putty, while the Juves just paint.

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  1. These are some sweet figures. I really like the orange/red you used as an accent colour. Your weathering looks fine to me!