Return of the Sci-fi Elf Spirit Zombies

Last week I managed to finish the black and gems on the Wraithguard, this week I shaded and touched up the orange and finished the highlights on half of them. The other six I hope to finish tonight or next Tuesday. It's a good thing too, twelve stands was the limit for me. I enjoyed painting these far less than six tanks.

With these done I hope to convert up some Wraithguard, start on those, and paint some subset of my objectives, Avatar and Phoenix Bombers before Fall In the first weekend of November.


Sci-fi Elf Spirit Zombies

I finished up the Farseer characters this week and started in on the Wraithguard. I'm hoping to bring a mostly painted Iyanden army to Fall In in November.

These progressed slightly faster than I would have thought. The guns and bases are all done, I'm hoping to take care of the black helms and the gems on them next week. The orange might take longer given the amount of cleanup I'll have to do from the drybrush.


Nearsighted Farseers

I finished up the hills and a quick repaint of the desert and waste boards at my local store last Friday. The scatter terrain pieces got their base coats last night.

I also finished up the Firestorms, they got their last three orange highlights and their bases touched-up.

I was going to start in on my aircraft but I realized a painted army is within striking distance for Fall In, so I switched gears and got most of the way through my Farseer character upgrades. I need to add a highlight to the rune armor and bases, then highlight the black and do the gems. Any thoughts on what I should do for their topknots? Right now I'm leaning towards the same blue as their weapons.


Hill People

I made two sets of eight hills for a local store, all they need at this point is some paint to help them match their tables (desert and grey wastes). They're made out of 1" insulation foam glued to tempered hardboard bases with some construction adhesive. I used a foam cutter to put some surface detail on their faces and covered everything with scenic dope (qt of latex paint, 2 latex caulk tubs and a cup of joint compound) for durability before pressing in the sand and spraying them with glue.

There's four bigger (18x12"-ish) and four smaller (12x6"-ish) pieces per set. They were cut out of 2x2' panels, I used the right angle corners so they join up easy and made them geomorphic. By that I mean the bigger pieces can be joined together and the same with the smaller. Also, the short edge on the bigger pieces match up with the longer edges on the smaller pieces. They can also be stacked, so there's lots of ways that you can put them together.

I was also able to cut six bases of scatter terrain per set out of the left over hardboard. No pics of those yet, I'll likely put a few rocks and some brush on them and make trees or something on smaller bases that can be moved around the area and not get in the way of the miniatures.

They were pretty cheap, price-wise. You can make four sets (32 hills, 24 scatter terrain pieces) for some $50, not including paint. They just take some time to put together.