Tiny Robots, Big Explosions

New year, quick new tangent. I have had TiRoBEx for a while and have been meaning to paint something up for it to run at cons and in between games at our monthly game days. Toting around 40mm based models and enough terrain to fill a 4x4' seemed like a pain though, so I decided to halve all the measurements and templates. Handily, I've had some 2x2' mats from Adepticon that will work great, and plenty of Epic 40k ruins for terrain. For the miniatures I had these old Adeptus Titanicus robots and dreadnoughts so I went for this quick and dirty prismatic spray of a scheme.

I just need to paint the base edges and the rocks, then it's on to the ruins before CaptainCon.


2018 Epic Restrospective

Aside from 18 Falcon hulls, this is what I managed to paint this past year Epic-wise.

Not a ton, but I had to remodel a bathroom, build a few Christmas presents, and I also built/re-based an Epic Squat army as well. Finishing the 18 Falcon hulls and the Wild Riders are at the top of my list for this year. After that, not sure. I could start on my Guardians or Aspect Warriors, paint some landsknechte for the store, or some Aeronef or Monsterpocalypse that I just picked up. We'll see.


Get Your Anti-Gravitic Motor Running

I've been working on the Jetbikes for the last two weeks. Just the orange highlights are left at this point as well as the decals.

I didn't have these ready for Fall In!, but they're going to be getting some paint early next year I think, six custom Night Spinner turrets. I used most of the Forgeworld turret, just replacing the cockpit glass with some from fan-made proxies.

These didn't make it down to Fall In! either but I'm hoping to finish them before the end of the year and EpiComp. They're my Wild Riders, I decided to paint them up in Sunblitz Brotherhood colors.


Pics from Fall In! 2018

I ran a Warmaster Revolution tournament this past Friday down at Fall In!, and played in an Epic Armageddon tournament on Saturday. Great games and great armies. Enjoy the pics!

Fall In! 2018 Warmaster Tournament

Fall In! 2018 Epic Armageddon Tournament