An Evening with the Falcon Brothers Band: 2nd Set

I finished 6 or so of the color sections on the Aeronef ships but I need to get going on the last bits of Eldar for the Epic World Tournament in Scotland next month. So orange is back on the painting pallet. I got the black undersides and cockpits done. Next up is the little bit of black trim on the top, the weapons and the orange treatment.

Epic Eldar Falcons

Epic Eldar Falcons Close-up

I'm not sure if I'll have time but I'd also like to get 3 Fire Prism turrets done for the army as well. We'll see.


Flying Austro-Hugarian Colors

I didn't get much time to paint this past week so all I got done were the funnels and the white for the colors. I'm hoping to get to the red on them this weekend so I can start in on the last few turrets for the Epic tournament in Scotland next month.

Austro-Hungary Aeronef Fleet

Austro-Hungarian Huszár class Destroyer

Austro-Hungarian Budapest class Light Battleship


Austro-Hungarian Vindow Vasher

I finished up the gun barrels and windows this week. Just the funnel, colors and touch ups left to go.

Austro-Hungary Aeronef Fleet

Austro-Hungary Aeronef Fleet

Austro-Hungary Aeronef Fleet


More Poop Deck, More Swabbing

I've been slogging through the decking, nearly done with this batch just two more ships to go.

Austro-Hungary Aeronef Fleet

Budapest Class Light Battleship