Lady Lupa - Part II

I finished up Lupa's skin and hair last night. I still see a few places in these pics that I want to go back to.

I also painted up her skirt, shirt (although those highlights are pretty much washed out), leather and brass too.

The fur, and wrappings are next, as well as the hammer.

I tried something new on the hammer, some high contrast metal. I'm not happy with it. Pointers/comments/thoughts?


Man O' War, Epic and More!

I've been painting, but slacking on the picture-taking front. I've mostly been working on Wrath of Kings Zeti for a paining competition at my FLGS. They're nearly done, so pics up soon. In the meantime, enjoy some shots from this past weekend's games day.

Games Day - 2017-02-19


Like Sparticus, Just with Less Dong

I picked up an Arena Rex starter at CaptainCon this past weekend, along with two gladiators. One was Lupa, the Kickstarter limited edition figure. Apparently the game's company is having a painting competition at Adepticon, so I thought I'd try my hand at painting her. The figure's pretty nicely cast, I only had to do some light line filing and puttying to get her ready for paint.

I was going to use the original base (along with a washer underneath for weight) put went with a 30mm Renedra one instead. The flatter bases don't break the game's immersion as much for me.

The flesh is pretty much done I think, I might touch up a few things now thanks to the macro-shots but I'm pretty happy with it overall. The hair was a happy accident. I got some flesh wash on the white primed hair and thought it looked a lot like red hair. So I did the whole thing ad I'm not disappointed. I'll highlight it next and then start in on the leathers.


Two Belts on the Arm Are Worth?

I finally got my camera down to my FLGS where my Blood Engine has been sat to get some pictures of him last night. I'm pretty happy with how he came out. I used all of the new GW technical paints on him to try them out.

Not sure what this arm is for, but it was a "two belter". One belt wouldn't keep it attached.