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15mm American Sabot Bases for Crossfire

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I played Crossfire nearly twenty years ago at ConnectiCon '05 and picked up the rulebooks shortly after. They've sat on my shelf since then, until earlier this year when I cracked them open after re-watching some Little Wars TV. Since I had the Americans painted I thought I'd try some sabot bases like I did for my ancients in order to double dip them with Crossfire.

American Rifle Companies for Crossfire

I still need to flock everything. Maybe one of these days I'll put my order in to Scenic Express and get the flocks I'm after to match my mat. In the meantime though they might see some action at our monthly games day in a Crossfire trial with Karl, Destroyer of Breadsticks.

Epic House Devine Progress

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Good progress this week, the magenta is done and all but size of the knights have their black done. I decided to call it quits for tonight after knocking over my bottle of Black Templar. No models took a hit, but my hands are stained real nice now.

Epic House Devine Slaanesh Knights

The Hell-Scourge in the front there is furthest along. It just needs the metal colors at this point. I picked up some flourscent AK Interactive paints for this project, I'm underwhelmed but them. Their coverage is horrible. My bottle of Vallejo Mecha Magenta isn't great but it's still better than these, plus it's airbrush ready.

15mm Polybian Roman Allied Cavalry

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I finally finished the horses for my 15mm Polybian Roman allied cavalry this week. I still need to do the shields for them, but that's going to involve a conversion as I don't have enough of the two types to split them how I like for easy unit identifcation.

Roman Allied Cavalry Roman Allied Cavalry

Epic House Devine Hell-Strider Paint Scheme Test

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Building and conversion is done aside from the Debaser, so I'm testing out my scheme on a Hell-Strider. I'm undecided on the yellow but happy enough with the rest. No metal yet, but most if not all the black stuff will be silver or bronze in the end.

Epic Slaanesh Hell-Strider Epic Slaanesh Hell-Strider Epic Slaanesh Hell-Strider
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