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The Adeptus Ineptus held its fourteenth annual Northeast Epic Armageddon Tournament a few Saturdays back now on December 11, trying to sneak it in before COVID cases got really bad here (and oh boy, did they). Fourteen of us gathered after a few last minute cancelations to shoot it out, working off two year's worth of Epic malaise from missing last year's tournament. Much 6mm death was handed out and a good time was had by all.

Karl's dino's, ready to fight! Big Game Hunters My Baneblades, complete with their new commander. T-Rex and Brachio Lil' Game Hunters Stegs on the Hunt for Russes We rece ntly gave the Brachio a Webway. Yeah! Armored assault, the Exodite way. Turan Armored Company, on the move. Victor's Krieg grabbing some cover. Macharius face off against my super-heavies. When there's not enough cover on the board, bring your own! The real threat to my super-heavies. Riding the Death Andy's Hammerheads shooting up Rob's Marines. Hide Rhinos! Matt's LatD face off against Karl's Dino's Mechanized Cultists pick out their Christmas tree. Plague Zombies tie up the webway. Prepate to administer the wet noodle! Jon's Death Guard take on Yosu's Necrons Hell Talons shoot up some Monoliths Seeing Double Coach's Dark Eldar take on Dino's World Eaters The Unwashed Red Masses of Chris's Speed Freeks Jimmy's Imperial Fists holding out against Chris's Speed Freaks Warbikes grab the Blitz World Eaters messing up some Dark Eldar Jon's Festor Titan holding the line. Good thing they're warm blooded now. The Dead Pile Knights preparing to get stompy! The True Unwashed Masses The Tower o' Poop inches forward. Pew Pew, go the Anklos See the Front Line from your own private transport pod! Jimmy's Fellblade FREEMing some Orks Time to run the anti-virus... My Armored Company take Karl's Dino's to turn 5! Matt's Cultists grab an objective. Just keep advancing... Jon's getting his BP warmed up for Matt's Cultists Trenches vs Trenches on the Krieg and Imperial Fist table! Fellblade Hunter Jimmy's Whirlwinds playing catch with Victor's Krieg Matt's Defilers out for a pinch. Dino's World Eaters find Yosu's Necrons! Frank's Hounds out for walkies. Rob's Scouts: Warlord Bane Tim's Lancers scouting out some rubble. Wardens from the Dark Ages Coach's Dark Eldar looking at a sea of war engines. Lots of Ravagers Andy's Tetra finding the good targets. There's no shortage of targets in Chris's Speed Freeks. Jon's Death Guard armor moving up. Matt's Cultist still holding that objective, somehow. Back-to-back, the last stand! Hell Talons making a mess of things for the cultists. Commence with the flogging! Things are clearing out on the World Eater and Necron table. Tim's Lancers moving up. No BP in the Speed Freek list, apparently. Chaos Spawn Ankle Biters Sening the Kashnarak off to play. My Stormhammers getting shot to pieces by Jimmy's Fists. Jimmy's Fists holding the line. The Dreadnought is in Time Out. Yosu's Necrons say hello to Matt's Cultits. Go get them, Roomby! Karl's Dino's in their Cretaceous game. Rob's TBolts gun down a Phoenix Jimmy's Devastors find out why they're called Exterminators. Forward for Turan! Jon's Plaguereaper looking for things to plague. Andy's Hammerheads prepare to give as good as they get. Crisis suits hold the rubble. I thought Eldar were a dying race? Rob's Warhouond holding off the Exodite advance. Coach's bombers getting shot up the White Deth Sqwadrun Light 'em up! Jon's Plague Tower still standing strong. Have fun moving those out of cover... Looking for Snacks Coming in Hot Hammerheads hold a DTF Deathguard Support, Out for a Strole Hell Talons shooting turrets off of Hammerheads Coach's Tank Killers
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