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Warmaster Dwarves

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The bases are edged, flocked and I stuck some grass tufts on there so this 2k-ish of Dwarves is done.

Warmaster Dwarves Dwarf Brigade Dwarf Brigade Dwarf Artillery Dwarf Heroes Dwarf Hero and Rune Priest Dwarf Rune Priest on Anvil of Doom

I plan to work on the 8mm Napoleonics next, but at somepoint I'll have to come back to finish: 3 Warriors, 1 Thunderers, 1 Rangers, 4 Troll Slayers, 1 Cannon, 2 Gyrocopters and a few more characters. Maybe later this year, we'll see how it goes.

Warmaster Dwarven Artillery All Painted Up

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I finished the Warmaster Dwarf artillery pieces this week. I also edged a few bases on the entire army as well. My goal for next week is to finish that up and give myself Flock Lung putting the flock on everything. After that, it's on to something else.

Warmaster Dwarf Artillery Warmaster Dwarf Artillery Dwarf Flame Cannons Dwarf Cannons

I think I'd like to take a quick tangent (I don't know why I call it that, they're never quick) into the world of historicals. Specifically, 8mm Napoleonics courtesy of Perry Miniature's TravelBattle. My original plan was to use these for Command and Colors Napoleonics, but I decided to laser cut some bases so I could use them for other games as well (maybe Lasalle or Blucher). Have I got all the colors in the right place? At 8mm I don't have to worry about buttons and other small details, but there's still a surprising amount of them on there.

TravelBattle French TravelBattle French

Yet more Warmaster Dwarven Artillery

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I finished drybrushing all the bases for the Warmaster Dwarves this week, just the flock left on all them.

Warmaster Dwarves

I finished the characters too and got them on their bases.

Dwarven Hero Dwarven Rune Priest

Finally, I did the base coats for the artillery as well. They still need washes and highlights however, hopefully I'll be able to get to that next week.

Dwarven Flame Cannon Dwarven Cannons

Also, I wanted to mention I started using Testors Glosscote and Dullcoate via my airbrush, thinned 1:1 with lacquer thinner. I had been using the cans but they're getting so expensive now I thought I'd try the liquid stuff. I can't tell any difference between the two right now, but it sure does dry super fast via the airbrush. I was able to pick up the artillery in under a minute.

Warmaster Dwarven Artillery

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I've been working on the Dwarves that I left unfinished two Novembers ago. The bases are nearly done, just another drybrush and flocking left. The artillery needed a bit more work, the crews are nearly done now with just the leather, wood and small details to go. Once they're done I'll finish the wood and metal on the artillery pieces themselves.

Warmaster Dwarven Artillery Dwarf Cannon Crew

I also had two more heroes that were left half-done. They've been along with the ride with the crew. With these done I'd need to do some more building but I have another dozen or so units planned to bring the army up to 3,000 points.

Dwarf Hero Dwarf Rune Priest

Finally, I got down to the makerspare the other day to use the laser cutter. I made some bases for a mystery project out of 1.5mm plasticard. I hope to start this one in April.

Mystery Bases

The Crooked Eye Cod Crunchaz: An Orc Blood Bowl Team

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I finally finished up a quick tangent that took entirely too long: a Blood Bowl Orc Team. These are the Crooked Eye Cod Crunchaz, arch-rivals of the Southside Codpiecers.

The Crooked Eye Cod Crunchaz

There's a fair bit of detail on these models, which coupled with only painting a couple hours of week lead to working on them for far too long. The decals are custom, with the exception of the numbers and base labels.

Line-orc, Thrower and Blitzer

I'll do another three Blitzers and Black Orcs at some point, and then maybe some more line-orc subs.

Line-orcs and Black Orc

I added some painted dents and scratches to one of the line-orcs, I'm deciding if I want to add it to all of them at this point.

Da Ends

Anyway, planning on basing my Warmaster dwarves next.

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