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Extra Pokey 15mm Polybian Roman

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I had a giftcard from a rebate for a tire purchase and was looking for something new to try out. I remembered playing Triumph a few years back at a Fall In! so decided to give it a shot. These are 15mm Polybian Romans. The casting on the pilum left a lot to be desired so I decided to give them my "Warmaster High Elf" treatment and convert them up. The hafts are brass tube with a small pin tip glued into them. I them added a block of plasticard as the weight and shaped it with a knife.

Roman Hastati and Principes

The rest were pretty much stock, except for some spear and javelin swaps on the Triarii and Velites. I just need to finish building the cavalry then it's on to painting.

Roman Velites and Triarii, and Cretan Archers

Epic Objectives: One Step Above Phoning It In

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I haven't gotten around to converting up some actual objectives for my Armored Company, likely because I've just been using these black primed ones from Epic 40k. Given that I've been using like this for two years I figured it was about time I painted them, so I took a few hours last night and painted them up.

Epic Objectives

Epic Turan Armored Company Army Shot Time!

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I've been painting my Turan Armored Company, on and off, for just just over two years now. With the exception of the Thunderbolts everything in the pictures below was finished in that time, some 5,000+ points. I've still got plenty left: 67 armored vehicles, 3 super-heavies, 40 Chimera and all the infantry I can pack into them. The plan is to keep plugging away until enough complaints have been filed and I move on to another Epic army. In the meantime, on to some 15mm Romans. I'll come back to these later in the year to round out my entries for EpiComp.

Epic Turan Armored Company Epic Turan Armored Company Epic Turan Armored Company

Epic Leman Russ and Demolishers All Done Up

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I finished up the flock on the Russes and Demolishers today, well ahead of schedule. I've got a backlog of stuff to varnish, so I think I'll be setting that up this weekend then snap some updated army pics as requested.

Epic Leman Russ and Demolishers Epic Demolishers Epic Leman Russ

I hope to finish up some conversions on a small 15mm Polybian Roman army I picked up in the coming weeks, and then get some paint on them.

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