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Burned Out of Warmaster Dwarves

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I'd like to finish the basing on the Dwarves as well as their artillery before the end of the year but I'm burnt out on them for now. I headed back to the Void Spinners (third times the charm) and finish 2 of them. I hope to finish the third, touch-up the black highlights and de-gloss them this weekend.

Epic Eldar Void Spinners Epic Eldar Void Spinner Array

This is what I managed to get done last week before Fall In! I finished the skin and hair on the dwarves, and got them on bases along with the ballast. The decals didn't end up working out, they printed poorly and I found myself touching them up far too much. I scrapped the idea and painted simple patterns on the shields to differentiate the Warriors. I'll got back and match the shield pattens on the banners as well.

Warmaster Dwarves Warmaster Dwarf Warrior Command Warmaster Dwarf Warrior Command Warmaster Dwarf Thunderers Warmaster Dwarf Long Beard Hero Warmaster Dwarf Thunderer Hero Warmaster Dwarf Anvil of Doom (+2)

The general still is a work-in-progress, I'm converting him up along with an unreleased musician. I did manage to get some good decal prints for him and the Anvil, they'll be the only two in the army.

Warmaster Dwarf General (sans General)

Fall In! 2019

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I ran my third Warmaster Revolution tournament at Fall In! this past weekend. We had 12 players, with two bailing in the third round. Everyone had a good time and is looking forward to Cold Wars. I also managed to get my Dwarves on bases for it as well.

Kal also ran the Epic Armageddon tournament again as well. I believe we had 12 players for this one, which is one of the biggest yet. I played Lou's Blood Angels, Brad's Titan Legion and Coach's Black Legion over the course of three rounds.

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