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More Marines

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I finished assembling the Scouts this week. The Space Marine Sergeants were taking too long to find, plus I was completely happy with the way the heads looked on the Shadow Knight Bodies. So I went with Catachan heads instead.


A close-up of a Scout stand.

Scout Stand

I also put together another pair of Dreads, along with two multi-melta versions just because I had the parts kicking around.


These are my Librarian proxies (the Servitor with the multi-melta is supposed to represent the MW firefight attack). I converted them with the model out of the SM character pack and some spare Land Speeder multi-meltas.


Finally, the rest of my characters. An Apothecary and soon to be Standard Bearer (Chaplain proxies), a Terminator Chaplain and two Jump Pack Chaplains.

Space Marine Characters

The First Painted Unit of 2010

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So barring some decals I want to make for the doors the Land Raiders are done:

Land Raiders

I'm hoping to get some work done on some more characters and Dreadnoughts over the weekend, and maybe the Scouts. With any luck they'll be ready for painting on Monday.

Land Raiding

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Well not as much progress as I hoped this week. I was away for the weekend and the girlfriend's Valentine's Day present ate into my hobby time throughout the week. I really only had about three hours on Monday to paint.

Anyway, here's my progress on the Land Raiders. The center one is almost done, it just needs its headlights and base done. I tried free-handing the door details but didn't like the result. I'm going to try making a decal for them and see if that comes out better.

Land Raiders

And Now, Painting...

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First bit of paint for 2010. I'm probably around halfway through with these. I have to do the metal on the other three, wash the metal, highlight with green and then do the bases. I'm hoping they'll be done by next Friday.

Land Raiders

And this is another little conversion I've been playing with. An Ork Flakwagon made out of an SM/TL Bonebreaker, Petite Crab turret, plastic card, E40k Imperial cow stabber and an SM/TL Storm Boy. It's not done yet, I still have to putty between the ammo drums and barrels, but it's close. I should be able to make three more.

Ork Flakwagon
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